Cooling solutions for your houses


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There are many ways to cool the house, from familiar to the application of new technologies and products.

There are not a lot of professional debates about the works now called “tropical house” names that really fit the climate. In terms of qualitative-quantitative specific cases, I think it is necessary to pass practical scientific tests, such as having a machine to directly measure temperature, consider the ability of ventilation and dust at the project. , instead of just looking at the picture to see if there is a blue cover or a wind-blown cotton tile, that is subjective.

My solution is “hard” surfaces should be reduced to be replaced by more “natural” “contact surfaces” such as planting grass in the yard, using vines and shade trees. A green wall of vines is always cooler than being alone. If using a terrace, it is recommended to have a roof with a light roof above and a garden to prevent direct radiation.

Where and how to arrange trees to cool the house, harmonize the architecture, we need to pay attention to the position and the way of coordination. Planting trees must be accompanied by regular care, which not all urban residents have the skills and time to do. Ideally, when building houses in new planning areas with a public greenery system that provides a common landscape, all houses are shared, and individual plants in each house are mostly ornamental plants, climbing plants. or the wrong carbon. They may not be too hard to take care of, do not turn green trees into “debt bureaus”, only the original form of neglect later, causing troublesome leakage in the use and maintenance of houses.

A green house therefore not only has green leaves, but it is important that the architecture and landscape solutions must be stable, harmonious with practical benefits, and create peace of mind and comfort in the past. accommodation for homeowners. These criteria need to be set and solved both in a comprehensive manner but still have local flexibility, avoid imposing, avoiding the form and following the “movements” of planting trees on the roof, on the wall requires a lot of high care and maintenance costs. Many homeowners who asked me to build a house answered directly not to make flower beds, not to plant trees on the roof because they know the implications of leaking, taking care and maintaining trees in their condition is impossible.

The feeling of comfort in the place of residence has many different forms, but the most important is the comfort and the environment (temperature, wind speed, humidity, light …) The house, if arranged properly then the microclimate conditions in the living space will be transformed positively. Of course, there are many ways to create a cool space for living like using mechanical ventilation, advanced refrigeration. Every home, every position, every situation, choosing solutions to harmonize the environment is a must. The view of current sustainable architecture does not overlook the role of the artificial cooling system, but only recommends using air conditioners to be most effective and pleasant. In my opinion, if initiative from the first choice of a modern cooling system, saving energy associated with the structure of the house, it will be very effective in long-term use.



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