Best Indoor Electric Heaters For Large Rooms


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When it’s cold, we tend to turn on the heaters and just want to feel the warmth. There are so many brands of indoor heaters. For this reason, there is much you need to know before picking your indoor heater.

Indoor heaters serve great importance, especially in the cold seasons. They warm up the rooms and prevent us from catching colds and other diseases involved with cold.

Five best indoor electric heaters for large rooms

1.Vornado MVH Whole Room Vortex Heater Product – Top Pick

Vornado MVH whole room vortex heater is a small indoor electric heater that you can rely on to get through the cold seasons. It is 10.6(H)*9.2(D)*10.4(W) inches allowing it to comfortably fit within a space you need it in. With this unit at your disposal, you will reliably warm your entire large room with just this one small unit. The basic design is more like a fan than many other heaters of its nature, with the ability to blow out blanket-warm air that can circulate and make the entire space considerably more comfortable on even the cold seasons.

Vornado MVH has three basic heat settings, all of which can be used inline with 7 different thermostat settings. The unique feature allows you to select the heat setting depending upon how quickly you want your room to heat. This adjustable capability makes it easier. The different heat settings are the low (750W), medium (1125W) and high (1500W). Vornado MVH has a slightly different design than other heaters. The basic design is built to resist toppling or tipping, and the outer case never gets too hot to touch if you need to move it.

This heater is an amazing space heater which has thumbs up on energy efficiency performance and saves on space as well. The vortex technology used in Vornado MVH whole room heater distributes the warm air faster and uniformly in every corner of the room. This is because the vortex fan circulates fully being able to distribute the warm air evenly. The space heater design is equipped with tip-over protection as well as an automatic shut-off system. These are safety features which make the heater safe and worry-free heating system unit.

Given the ability to reliably heat an entire room from the floor to the ceiling, there’s no denying that the Vornado MVH vortex heater shows promise. Its price point is also incredibly appealing, especially considering the complimentary 5-year warranty. If you’re sick of small space heaters that just cause your power bill to skyrocket without doing much heating in the first place, this is a promising alternative you shouldn’t ignore.


  • It has a generally fair price as compared to other indoor heaters in the market
  • Has a very impressive manufacturer warranty (5 years)
  • Has three power settings to select from
  • It produces almost no noise
  • Adjustable thermostat


  • Does not have a remote controller

2. Dr Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater

This is the second on my list of best indoor indoor heaters for large rooms. It is one of the most liked and known heater. This heater is from Dr Infrared, it can smoothly heat a large area of about 1000 sq feet. It has a small size of about 13*11*16 inches, this makes it portable and easy to move around.

This heater uses infrared heating and is able to deliver a higher percent of heat compared to other heaters with the same watts. This is achieved because it’s fitted with a high-efficiency blower.

The heating unit is provided with tip-over protection and auto-shut overheat protection. This makes it safe. It also produces an unnoticeable noise while heating, hence making it quiet and effective.

The portable heater is built with an advanced dual heating system which generates heat fast hence heating the room faster as compared to other heaters.

The unit has an IR remote controller configured to control it from a distance. This makes it comfortable for you to use. You can control it at the comfort of your bed or seat.

It also has three auto settings: auto, low, and high making it more impressive and efficient. Auto power setting sets the heater to the desired temperature from 50°F to 86°F. Low power setting sets the power to 1000W while the high setting sets it to 1500W.

The heater uses the radiation mechanism and heats object rather than the air, this ensures the warmth is retained for a longer time.


  • Heats a room faster due to it’s built-in technology
  • It has a timer and a remote controller
  • Has caster wheels and a handle which eases portability.


  • Its power consumption is generally high
  • Delonghi slim style convector Heater

This heater can be installed directly on the wall and still provide efficient heating of a room. This saves on the floor space. It also doesn’t consume too much power hence saves on the electricity bills.

Just as the name suggests, it’s very slim about 3 inches thick, making it the slimmest heater on market. It has an attractive look making it a decoration when placed on the floor or mounted.

Delonghi heater is fitted with side knobs which helps you customize the exact preference you need by just turning the knobs. It has a sleek and non-assuming design that makes it a good option for homes, the trademarked technology makes it ideal for most homes. The technology also controls the heating naturally, giving you an assurance of safety.


  • It has a slim design and lightweight
  • It provides instant heat
  • Has a thermal auto-shut
  • It’s portable and has wheels


  • Works best in small rooms

3. Duraflame Infrared Quartz fireplace stove

The most attractive thing about this heater is its design, it looks like the traditional fireplace. You could prefer an electric heater that reminds you of your tradition. It is an electric space heater that gives you a realistic fire effect. It uses a 3D flame effect which gives the real fire visuals.

This heater is fitted with 5 different brightness settings to adjust the brightness like for a real-like fire. This stove heater is capable of heating a very large space of about 1000sq feet.

This Duraflame Infrared  Quartz fireplace stove heater does not affect the natural humidity, it creates a natural comfortable heat and maintains the rooms moisture. For this reason, it creates a healthier and happier home than the rest. The static electricity produced can be easily controlled unlike the traditional heaters making it more efficient.

Apart from its heating benefits, it has a very attractive structure which is eye appealing. For this factor, it’s used as décor in the rooms. It has the most beautiful structure.

In addition, it has a remote controller which makes its usage more user-friendly. The heater is suitable for homes with all kind of people and pets. Its exterior also remains cool throughout hence family’s safety.


  • It has a panoramic view which makes it a good décor.
  • It has a space heating that utilizes a more efficient infrared heating.
  • It has an LED that can be adjusted to 5 different levels of brightness
  • It has all the necessary safety features.


  • Its made up of plastic legs which can break easily
  • It’s a little bit noisy.

4. Lasko ceramic tower heater

My last pick among the five best electric indoor heaters for large rooms is the Lasko ceramic tower heater. Please note that my pick as the last heater doesn’t make it inferior to the previous ones.

This heater has a very good history hence giving a reason as to why I picked it among the top five best. It is generally small, about 8.5*7.25*23 feet cubic, and therefore it doesn’t occupy much space in your room.

It is a ceramic heater with a capacity to heat about 300 square feet area. The ceramic heating element in it is automatic, which means it is self-regulating providing efficient safety. This heater is very easy to use, making it user-friendly. Control buttons and the digital display are positioned at the top for easier access. Top of the heater is equipped with a timer and a variety of heat settings options.

Alternatively, it comes with a remote controller, which is easy to use and convenient for use by the user at his comfort positions.

Apparently, it has a high and low heat setting which allows you to have a comfy time with your family. Generally, you can select your desired temperatures and enjoy warmth in the cold winters. You can set the heating duration for up to 8 hours, which is a feature unique to it. Just like the previous heaters, it has an overheat protection feature and an auto shut off feature with a cool touch exterior design.


  • It has an excellent heat output
  • It has 3 heat settings which you can choose from
  • Has an adjustable thermostat to regulate the temperature of the room to your desired level
  • It is portable with a handle for easy handling, hence you can move it around with ease.


  • It has a 3-year manufacturers warranty
  • It is generally expensive as compared to other heaters.

What you need to know about indoor heaters

When it comes to heating large rooms, there are three main types of heaters you need to consider:

  • Radiant heaters
  • Convection heaters
  • Combination heaters

Radiant heaters are powered by electricity or fuel. They work more of like the sun, by radiating heat outwards. These heaters heat in directions to which they are pointed to. They work best in warming objects rather than whole spaces.

Convection heaters work by creating air circulation. They rely on the natural flow of air, as hot air rises out of the heater, it creates a vacuum for cold air to be sucked in. These types of heaters are designed to heat the entire room because they heat the air rather than specific objects.

Combination heaters are a combination of the radiant and convection heaters. They use fans to circulate the hot air produced.

There are four main designs of this heater:

  • Wall heaters
  • Baseboard heaters
  • Freestanding heaters
  • Electric fireplace heaters

Wall heaters can be built in just fitted directly on the walls of rooms. The installation process is easy and efficient.

Baseboard heaters are generally small heaters which saves space due to their sizes, despite their sizes they are efficient. They are either built in the walls or can just be placed the floor beside the walls.

Electric fireplace heaters are heaters that use electricity to give an imitation of the traditional fireplace heaters with the traditional appearances.

The freestanding heater is the most common heater used. It uses the conventional principle to warm houses. It is a free-standing portable heater.

Factors you should consider while choosing an indoor large room heater

The first and most important factor is power. Here, you will consider according to the size of your room, in general, 10 watts heats 1 square foot space. So, you will need to measure the size of your room and find a heater with the capacity to heat it up.

Secondly, think about the utility of the heater. Under this, you consider fuel consumption and safety precautions. If you choose gas heaters, like propane tank heaters it might not be appropriate for those with small children. Also, the cost to install gas pipes in your house tends to be expensive. Electric heaters tend to be cheaper and safer.

Alternatively, it’s advisable to consider the space. Are you looking to recess something into the wall or to have an aesthetically pleasing fireplace?

You may be looking to have a surface wall heater that you can tilt for workshops or garages. A freestanding heater might be appropriate for this need because you can easily move it from room to room. Understanding the design will help you narrow down your choices.

Some added features such as a built-in thermostat, adjustable fan, remote controller, cool touch exterior, automatic tip over and wheels, may also be necessary to consider.

Safety considerations

Safety is a very crucial consideration. It should be given a very high priority while choosing an indoor heater. First, you should ensure the product has been tested for safety. Look for a safety label from a recognized testing lab such as UL (Underwriters Laboratory) to verify the safety of the product.

Next, consider the safety features that are associated with the heater. Like the cool-touch exterior which will stop the outside of the heater from getting hot and posing fire risks. You will find some heaters will switch off when the heater starts to overheat, while others will automatically turn off if the heater tips over.

On the other hand, you will find a great and often forgotten safety feature on the gas heaters. It is a carbon monoxide-related feature that switches the heater off when there is no enough oxygen for combustion in the room. It prevents carbon monoxide from being formed. When using gas heaters in your rooms, ensure you have a vented combustion heater; unvented heaters can be very dangerous.

Best Brands

I would like to briefly cite the best brands under the five discussed indoor heaters. I will generally give different brands and companies that manufacture them. Hoping that from the statements you can choose your product by going for the brand of your taste.

I will start with Vornado MVH Vortex Heater, this is an Amazon-manufactured product. Amazon has different brands of the Varnado MVH heater. The brands differ with size, power, and cost. This gives you a variety to choose from, receiving good quality from all the brands. Amazon has rated Vornado MVH Vortex Heater with 3 heat settings, auto safety shut-off system, adjustable thermostat, tip-over protection as the best brand.

The second on my list was Dr Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater which is also an Amazon product. It is made of galvanized steel, equipped with a built-in humidifier which produces a cool mist to maintain the needed humidity in the air. Amazon has ranked the newest model which was engineered and designed in the USA, it has an advanced dual heating system. The system has high-temperature settings of 1500W and a low-temperature settings range 50 to 85 degrees. It also has an inbuilt cool mist and an overheat and tip-over protection built in with a 12-hour automatic shut-off timer

Next on my list is Delonghi slim style convector Heater which surprisingly is also an Amazon-manufactured product. Which is equipped with a HI-FI technology and a double fan system which help provide a better distribution into the rooms. It also has an ECO function which helps save energy by automatically adjusting heat and power settings for the most comfortable economic growth. Under these brands, the newest and high ranked is the Delonghi HCX9115E slim style convertor heater.

Forth on the list was Duraflame Infrared Quartz fireplace stove that has a long history of supplying reliable and comfortable heat for families. It is an Amazon-manufactured product with a four-star rate from customers feedback. It has an infrared which helps maintain the natural humidity level. Duraflame electric infrared quartz fireplace stove with the 3d flame effect is Amazon’s choice for this brand.

Finally on the list is the Lasko ceramic tower heater which is another Amazons product, which is said to be cheap but efficient. It has a built-in care handle and 3 power settings with an adjustable thermostat. It’s fully established with a three-year warranty on amazons sales. With Lasko 5538 ceramic tower heater with a remote controller as the best-rated brand.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do indoor heaters work?

This is a frequently asked question when this topic is involved. An indoor heater is a portable device that is used to heat rooms or halls, such as living rooms and office spaces. Indoor heaters come in two main types: electric and fuel powered (natural gas, kerosene or propane). Electric heaters work with the joule heating principle, which occurs when an electric current travels over a conductor and produces heat. Most electric heaters use a built-in fan to distribute the heat more evenly.

Fuel heaters are mostly used as a backup heating source because they do not rely on electricity.

What kind of indoor heater is most suitable for large space rooms?

I can advise you to opt for an indoor heater that comes with a fan. This will help distribute the heat evenly in the large room. Furthermore, you can also place it under your working desk at a certain distance from your body. On the other hand, a floor standing indoor electric heater is also a good option for large room despite that it’s expensive, it’s efficient.

What is the most effective type of heating recommended for large space if one uses the Electric heater?

From the three mechanisms used on electric heaters, (radiant, convection and combined), the combined, also known as micathermic heating is the preferred selection. This is because it combines radiant and convection heating properties. The panel placed in front of the heater radiates the warmth across the room rather than focusing in a single direction.

What are the advantages of using an indoor heater for large rooms?

The main purpose of bringing in indoor heaters is to provide warmth during the cold seasons or chilly mornings. To be particular, these heaters spread heat to all corners of the room making it conducive to work in or spend time in.

What should you consider while buying an indoor heater?

The most basic consideration is the size of your room, this is because these heaters are designed to cover specific volumes. They are rated in watts.

Also, you need to consider the cost and choose one that favors your pocket. So that buying it doesn’t drain your accounts. You need also to consider the brands.

How much power is needed to power the indoor heater?

Amount of power that is needed varies with the power rating of the Heater and also the duration that the heater is to be powered on.

If you just want to heat a single room, you will need to calculate the power consumed of that specific room.

On the other hand, if you want to take the heater from room to room, you should look out for the heaters that have variable power options so that you can conserve energy when you don’t need the heater to be so powerful.


Our top pick for the best indoor electric heater for large rooms is the Vornado MVH Whole Room Vortex Heater. It has amazing capabilities of heating for the money.

For other choices, having given you a brief overview of the topmost advisable electric heaters for large rooms, the decision left is yours to make. The decision will depend on your preferences which include cost, portability, durability, and safety.

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