I love the idea that architecture is the micro-universe where people live in harmony with each other, as well as with creatures, nature … Architecture to people is a component of that ecosystem.

Nature has a coherent beauty, enabling people to have better access to aesthetics through nature. In that sub-architectural universe, nature always has a place and a role to balance and provide energy for humans, where human, nature and architecture create a dynamic balance.

Nature has always been an inherent part of my childhood memories, with the rural natural landscape where I was born and raised. To me, each project of an architect is not only a spiritual child who needs an architect to spend a lot of time, affection and enthusiasm to build but also as a journey of experience, discovering themselves and everything around them through the prism, the interpretation of “human life” of each composer.

I welcome you to this small part of my life where I will share concepts and stories since studying and practicing architecture. Architecture-Republic is my small universe we will observe, feel, share and admire the world of architects together.

Brandon Pryor